Cliff Mitchell - 06/07/2018

In Staffordshire we will all be up to 13% worse off after Brexit!

Official government figures

Do you want to be 13% poorer?

According to the Government’s own analysis, in Staffordshire and the rest of the West Midlands we will be between 2.5% and 13% worse off after Brexit.(1)

In the West Midlands, a Brexit free trade deal would result in an 8 per cent hit to growth, compared with 13 per cent under no deal, and 2.5 per cent if the UK stays in the single market (an option ruled out by Theresa May). So whatever Brexit option the government ends up chosoing, we will be significantly worse off. There is NO Brexit scenario which will make us better off – and remember that this is according to the governments own analysis published on 8th March 2018.

Only the North East region would suffer more than the West Midlands according to the government’s findings.

We have heard from the Bank of England that voting to leave the EU has already cost the country £440 million a week in lost growth. That’s nearly £47 billion lost to us since the referendum.

These are not just numbers, they represent a real loss to every one of us in Staffordshire and the UK. Imagine your wage/salary dropping by between 2.5% and 13% – that’s the reality of Brexit. It’s nothing to do with so called ‘project fear’, it’s reality and it’s already happening.

If you don’t want to be much worse off after Brexit you should demand a say, a People’s Vote, on whether you really want to go ahead and make yourself, your family and the country poorer. It's not a done deal - we can stop it. None of us voted to be poorer.



Cliff Mitchell, Staffs4Europe
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