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About EMStaffs.UK

EMStaffs.UK Logo EMStaffs.UK is a source of high quality information, data and analysis for anyone interested in the implications of Brexit on Staffordshire and the UK. We only include articles that are accurate, factual, properly sourced, and well-written.

This is a campaigning site that aims to support those who believe that Brexit is a disaster for Staffordhire, the UK and its citizens. This is not the place to discuss our articles, we provide Facebook and Twitter links for that, but we hope this site will inspire you to dig deeper into topics of interest. We believe that Brexit can, and must, be reversed using whatever democratic means are available.

To browse our articles use the Menu on the top (top ight on handheld devices) and select Articles. Here you will find a list of all articles and can search for topics that are of interest to you.

The menu (top) also has:

  • Brexit Impacts: a selection of databases detailing the disastrous consequences or Brexit.
  • Latest European News: the very latest Brexit-related news from around the media.
  • Contact your MP: a list of Staffordshire MPs and how to contact them.
  • Selected Media: links to carefully selected newspaper articles, videos, and podcasts.
  • Useful Links: links to fact checking sites and information sources.
  • Contribute: contribute your own articles to EMStaffs.UK
  • About & Contact: information about EMStaffs, how to contact us, and how to contribute.

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If you would like to support our campaigning, but don't have the time or are unable to support us directly, please consider giving a few pounds to our JustGiving campaign funds. All money raised will be used directly to fund our campaign activities. Thank you!