The Digby Jones Index

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The index of jobs lost through Brexit that Lord Digby Jones said we wouldn’t lose
Reproduced with the kind permission of Yorkshire Bylines

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The Digby-Jones index came from an article written in October 2020 which proved extremely popular, but has now developed into a permanent feature on Yorkshire Bylines.

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This material and list are reproduced with the kind permission of Yorkshire Bylines.

This is not just about providing an accurate list of jobs being lost, although we are trying to report faithfully the impact of Brexit, it’s about the lives disrupted and in some cases ruined by the reckless folly of men like Digby Jones, who in 2016 reassured people that a vote to leave the EU would not result in a single job in Britain being lost. He could have had no idea if this was true or not, but as we have seen over the last four years, companies are clearly moving out of the UK and into the EU to protect themselves against Brexit.

What the list reveals is not only his ignorance of British industry but a similar ignorance about the very nature of how the single market and the customs union works. People may well have been deceived into voting for Brexit i n 2016 by Digby Jones but increasingly we only see the empty words of a foolish man. It is proof positive that those at the forefront of the leave campaign had no idea of the disaster they intended to visit upon us.

There is no shame in ignorance, but there is shame in publicly offering reassurances about Brexit when you were unaware of the consequences. This is the kindest explanation. The other is that he knew it would result in huge job losses but assured people that it wouldn’t.

Many people have contacted us about their direct experience of job losses, privately attributed to Brexit but by companies too afraid to say so publicly. We have not included them to prevent Yorkshire Bylines being accused of exaggeration, but the total number of jobs lost so far is almost certainly far higher than our list would indicate.

The Digby Jones Index

304. AER Lingus to close Belfast City Airport base in Brexit-related impasse, 29 jobs at risk. 04/04/2023
303. Six charity workers from the Women’s Centre in Derry have lost their jobs due to Brexit 03/04/2023
302. Six workers have been made redundant from Cluny Lace due primarily to Brexit 03/04/2023
301. 2Sisters Chicken plant in Anglesey closes with Brexit as a contributory factor 730 jobs lost 02/01/2023
300. Armadilla, a modular buildings co in Scotland closes with the loss 29 jobs due to Brexit costs 20/12/2022
299. Broadway stampings has gone into administration with the loss of 319 jobs due to Brexit and Covid 30/11/2022
298. Southern Salads in Tonbridge closes with the loss of 260 jobs, Brexit blamed 25/11/2022
297. Stern trawler Farnella ends 22 year career due to lack of quotas with loss of 12 jobs 25/11/2022
296. Iceland Seafoods in Grimsby is closing after losses of £8m with Brexit partly to blame. 25/11/2022
295. A Greek Deli in London is to close. The owners put Brexit at the top of the list of reasons. 25/11/2022
294. Car parts supplier Toyoda Gosei to close 2 sites with the loss of 458 jobs 04/11/2022
293. Walton’s 1955 Club ‘forced’ to close its doors and blames Brexit and Vladimir Putin 30/10/2022
292. Perth steakhouse closes due to staff shortages blamed on Covid and Brexit 29/10/2022
291. Pork pie maker enters administration partly due to ‘sector wide’ recruitment issues 28/10/2022
290. Singleton’s in Preston closes losing 69 jobs after Brexit made EU cheese exports harder. 27/10/2022
289. Burger shop in Horsham closes, partly due to being unable to recruit staff after FoM ended 15/09/2022
288. A popular Brighton pub has closed which it blames in part on “this Brexit nonsense” 14/09/2022
287. Exeter-based electronics Co Mantracourt opens a Dutch subsidiary following Brexit 13/09/2022
286. Stewart Superior, of Marlow has set up a depot in Holand to to avoid costly transit delays 01/09/2022
285. Worksmart Contracts of Kilmarnock is to close with the loss of 24 jobs -partly due to Brexit 17/08/2022
284. Cardiff restaurant La Cuina which imported Catalan food is to close due to Brexit 08/08/2022
283. Amazon opens fulfilment centre in Dublin with 500 jobs to by-pass Brexit ‘hurdles’ 04/08/2022
282. Daniel Lambert Wines opens distribution centre in France to avoid Brexit paperwork 26/07/2022
281. Goodlife Foods moves to EU to leverage the benefits of scale with 100 jobs lost 24/04/2022
280. Car-parts supplier TMS blames impact of EU exit as it axes UK operation 08/03/2022
279. Japanese metrology co Anritsu moved its European HQ from UK to Austria 31/01/2022
278. Loch Fyne Sea Farms cuts workforce after losing 60% of its market due to Brexit 30/01/2022
277. Mildenhall kitchen business closes due to Covid and Brexit, with the loss of14 jobs 31/12/2021
276. Sojitz Europe plan to move to the EU due to Brexit. £180m turnover, 190 employees. 30/11/2021
275. Sheffield exporter Supplement Hub opens £500,000 Netherlands base to beat Brexit 24/11/2021
274. Olympic gold medalist moves equine training centre to Holland to avoid Brexit costs 20/11/2021
273. Belgium announce 3,294 jobs created by UK companies as a result of Brexit 20/11/2021
272. DHL moves 18 Boeing 757 freighters to new EU air carrier company in Austria 13/11/2021
271. A Lincoln luxury hamper co has opened a Dutch hub to ensure EU deliveries post Brexit 13/11/2021
270. Euronext plan to ditch London Stock Exchange for clearing activities by 2024 09/11/2021
269. US investment managers Pzena open EU office in Dublin ‘It’s Brexit actually’ 08/11/2021
268. A third of jobs at Hull based Hider Foods have been lost due to new Brexit import rules 21/10/2021
267. Tesco ends contract to supply Finnish supermarket S Group, citing Brexit issues 19/10/2021
266. Gear4music open new Irish and Spanish distribution centres following Brexit challenges 18/10/2021
265. AstraZeneca to locate new $300 million research facility in Dublin creating 100 jobs 14/10/2021
264. US electronic chip maker Intel not considering UK factory after Brexit, look to EU 07/10/2021
263. Brexit ‘wipes out’ Essex oyster company’s European business 26/09/2021
262. Marks & Spencer set to close Paris stores due to Brexit border controls 17/09/2021
261. Pentland Industries moves tax residency to Ireland due to challenges related to Brexit. 17/09/2021
260. Nippon Paint to transfer European operation from UK to Germany 17/09/2021
259. Japanese ball bearing Co shift EU sales from UK to Italy + Poland sister companies. 11/08/2021
258. The closure of Honda’s Swindon plant with the loss of 3,000 jobs ‘may’ be due to Brexit 31/07/2021
257. Online grocer British Corner Shop opens Dutch distribution hub in response to Brexit 30/07/2021
256. OpenStreetMap is considering moving to the EU due to red tape made worse by Brexit 29/07/2021
255. Hampstead Tea, a boutique organic tea producer sets up Dutch subsidiary 06/07/2021
254. Stage Trucks have opened a new £3.5m base in Holland to serve EU clients 06/07/2021
253. Evolve Beauty, have set up a warehouse in Ireland to export to the EU reliably 06/07/2021
252. Sports clothing co Zoe Alexander relocates to Romania to avoid Brexit costs 06/07/2021
251. Paris to have 3,000 more finance job by end of 2021 due to Brexit -minister 06/07/2021
250. British Boxers stop selling to the EU market due to new complexity and cost 06/07/2021
249. Shetland wool supplier suspends shipments to EU due to Brexit admin costs 23/06/2021
248. Fluorochem set up warehouses in Ireland and The Netherland 22/06/2021
247. Deutsche Bank to move 100 jobs out of London in post-Brexit overhaul 25/05/2021
246. Dynic UK Ltd transfer EU customers to new Czech subsidiary after Brexit 25/05/2021
245. Barclays, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley move senior dealmakers to EU 17/05/2021
244. Fixed income sales jobs in UK financial sector are moving to Europe 16/05/2021
243. EU rules wreck traditional net fishermen’s livelihoods months after Brexit 15/05/2021
242. Bankers quit London as Brexit relocations to EU step up 14/05/2021
241. Follman cancel expansion plans at Andover to expand EU plant due to Brexit 13/05/2021
240. London lost £2.3 trillion of derivatives trade in March, NY gaining from Brexit. 11/05/2021
239. JPMorgan to Move Another $200 Billion in Assets to Frankfurt due to Brexit 06/05/2021
238. Toyoda Gosei to pull out of the UK with loss of 485 jobs. Brexit mentioned 30/04/2021
237. British Corner Shop Co cuts 40 jobs in the UK, as new EU hub opens 19/04/2021
236. Lincoln insulation company Superfoil opens Dutch subsidiary 19/04/2021
235. Multinational law firm Hatstone to establish EU base in the Republic 19/04/2021
234. Brexit blamed as job losses loom at Huddersfield bathroom firm Trojan Plastics 18/04/2021
233. Kautex Textron in closure talks with loss of over 220 jobs due in part to Brexit 17/04/2021
232. J D Sports open Dublin warehouse to tackle post-Brexit trading problems. 14/04/2021
231. Vauxhall Astra factory to shut unless UK can offer stimulus deal. Brexit related? 14/04/2021
230. Aztec Oils sets up Dutch company to handle post Brexit EU trade 13/04/2021
229. Taylor Wessing becomes latest UK firm to plan Ireland expansion after EU exit 11/04/2021
228. Antos dog chew company from Ayrshire moves to France due to Brexit 01/04/2021
227. Specialist gift company Rex London opens warehouse operation in Belgium 01/04/2021
226. Jota Aviation from Biggin Hill plans to shift operations to Malta 26/03/2021
225. Titan Airways plans to move operations to Malta to retain EU customers 25/03/2021
224. Kasai opens German operation to promote groups EU business 16/03/2021
223. About €100bn of Irish securities moved to Brussels following Brexit 15/03/2021
222. Advisory firm Campbell Lutyens opens Paris office to maintain EU market 09/03/2021
221. Law firm Ashurst opens Dublin office, along with 7 other law firms 09/03/2021
220. KB Event Ltd of Nottingham opens Dublin base to handle post Brexit EU jobs 03/03/2021
219. Moon Climbing in Sheffield sets up in Holland to beat Brexit damage 03/03/2021
218. Mediwin cut 45 jobs in Littlehampton after opening Dutch operation 02/03/2021
217. Teal & Mackrill, a paint manufacturer in Hull sets up Dutch Co after Brexit 02/03/2021
216. UK fintech companies seek 'cure for Brexit' in Lithuania 02/03/2021
215. Dartmouth Crab Co to open EU base to avoid up to £1m year in Brexit red tape 24/02/2021
214. Mediwin Ltd opens drug manufacturing line in Amsterdam to sever EU market 21/02/2021
213. UK businesses that moved to Holland in 2020 are expected to create 6,000 jobs 19/02/2021
212. Bike maker Gocycle is setting up a subsidiary in the Netherlands after Brexit 19/02/2021
211. AEV Birkenhead consider moving production to Hungary to avoid Brexit costs 17/02/2021
210. New York increases lead as top financial hub, Brexit damage London’s standing 17/02/2021
209. Architectural parnership RSHP set up Paris office to continue EU working 17/02/2021
208. Nichirin ends UK production of car A/C systems in UK citing Brexit uncertainty. 15/02/2021
207. Dublin most popular destination for 34 UK finance Co’s ahead of Brexit in 2020 14/02/2021
206. Otsuak Europe closes UK operation, transfers functions to Germany April 21 13/02/2021
205. Designers Guild to set up warehouse in Belgium, about 100 jobs involved 13/02/2021
204. UK investment bank Numis to open new EU office after Brexit 13/02/2021
203. Fresh blow for London as euro derivatives trading floods out to rivals 12/02/2021
202. Amsterdam surpasses London as Europe’s largest share trading centre in Jan 21 11/02/2021
201. Marubeni UK transferred European business to Marubeni Europe GmbH 31 Dec 10/02/2021
200. Financial services may account for more than £2bn in lost GDP per year 10/02/2021
199. British meat processors set up shop in EU as Brexit hammers export 10/02/2021
198. JD Sports plan to open 1000 job EU warehouse site to avoid red tape and delays 09/02/2021
197. Banks again plot job moves out of London to the EU as pressure mounts 09/02/2021
196. ICE moves $1.2 billion a day Carbon Emissions trading to the Netherlands 09/02/2021
195. Kent cheese wholesaler gives up on Irish market after Brexit, job losses follow 09/02/2021
194. Baron Shellfish in Bridlington is to close after 40 years due to Brexit 08/02/2021
193. Cosmetics firm O&3 move substantial amount of operations to Poland. 08/02/2021
192. Unnamed Welsh pharma co moves operations to Dublin to avoid Brexit red tape 08/02/2021
191. London based US law firm to open Brussels office to continue advising EU Co's 08/02/2021
190. UK lingerie maker Bluebella say creation of EU subsidiary now "inevitable" 08/02/2021
189. GKN plant to close with the loss of 500 jobs, Brexit "likely to have been a factor" 29/01/2021
188. Shiner, a sporting goods maker forced to move half the business into the EU 28/01/2021
187. Renesas Electronics Europe, transfers assets and Co to its German branch. 28/01/2021
186. Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe transfers assets and liabilities to Italian sister Co  26/01/2021
185. UK broker TP ICAP plans to shift 80 to 100 employees to a new office in Paris 25/01/2021
184. Stewart Superior Ltd sets up Dutch Co to handle EU distribution 24/01/2021
183. Horizon Retail Marketing Solutions registers new Co in NL due to Brexit 23/01/2021
182. Cheesemaker switches £1m UK investment to France to fulfill on-line orders 22/01/2021
181. Lamb exporter warns 150 jobs at risk unless border controls change. 21/01/2021
180. Cheshire Cheese exporter stops sending cheese to EU after Brexit 20/01/2021
179. Netherlands picks up business as Brexit pushes derivatives dealing away from UK 19/01/2021
178. Mining Co Berkeley Energía chooses Spain as EU Member state of origin 18/01/2021
177. Coca-Cola chooses Netherlands as EU member state of origin post Brexit 17/01/2021
176. Brexit drives 2,500 finance jobs and €170bn to France : Bank governor 16/01/2021
175. Simmons & Simmons to expand into Dublin following Brexit vote 15/01/2021
174. Real-estate investment platform Brickvest opens back offices in Berlin 14/01/2021
173. BlackRock expands in Paris with new hires ahead of Brexit 13/01/2021
172. Fast-growing fintech Optal opens Dublin base for EU business 12/01/2021
171. Vistalworks forms sister Co In Estonia keep seamless trading with EU agencies 11/01/2021
170. Azimo gets EIB loan from to build cross-border payments infrastructure in EU 10/01/2021
169. SSTL  no longer participates in the Gallileo satellite programme  09/01/2021
168. YKK Europe open Branch in Germany to reduce negative impact of Brexit 08/01/2021
167. Catalent, Westhoughton, closes with loss of 150 jobs, Brexit blamed 07/01/2021
166. Aston Chemicals despatches last load to EU because of Brexit red tape 06/01/2021
165. Fortnum and Mason stop exporting to EU countries 06/01/2021
164. Horizon Retail Marketing Solutions open NL warehouse due to Brexit 05/01/2021
163. KIP (UK) transfers EU stock to Germany due to Brexit 03/01/2021
162. Furukawa Electric Europe shifts warehouse and distribution to Germany. 02/01/2021
161. Allegro Micro Systems to import EU products through Dutch subsidiary 01/01/2021
160. Anritsu EMEA establishes new Dutch hub for EU customers 01/01/2021
159. Audio Technica established Distribution Centre in NL & Spain for Brexit 01/01/2021
158. Brexit bites into profits of UK cheese producers 01/01/2021
157. EISAI Europe establishes a medicines testing facility in Antwerp due to Brexit 01/01/2021
156. EISAI Europe transfers market authorisations to Frankfurt due to Brexit 01/01/2021
155. Enplas Europe (semiconductors) acquired warehousing in NL for Brexit 01/01/2021
154. Ishida (Europe) opens new EU distribution centre in Holland 01/01/2021
153. Lighthouse (signing + labelling machines) set up subsidiary in NL 01/01/2021
152. Margaret Howell sets up Brexit related accounting and warehousing in EU  01/01/2021
151. Premium Plus UK opens a new subsidiary in Poland to serve UK Market 01/01/2021
150. Shadow of Brexit fuels Dutch warehouse logistics boom 01/01/2021
149. Srixon Sports Europe opens new distribution hub in NL due to Brexit 01/01/2021
148. The Curiosity Box pauses EU exports and may never ‘export’ to NI again 01/01/2021
147. ‘Clean shift’ as euro share trading exits London for EU 01/01/2021
146. BMW plans to set up its first assembly line in Germany for its Mini sub-brand  01/12/2020
145. Brexit ‘big bang’ to trigger tectonic trading rift in Europe 01/12/2020
144. German automotive supplier cites both Brexit and covid as reason for closure 01/12/2020
143. Holyhead Port ‘in danger of rapid decline’ after Brexit transition period 01/12/2020
142. Investors dump UK funds on fears of no-deal Brexit 01/12/2020
141. London thrown to the lions with no finance deal likely 01/12/2020
140. Loss of duty free shopping could see 40,000 redundancies – Boodles. 01/12/2020
139. Morgan Stanley to Shift $120 Billion of Assets to Germany 01/12/2020
138. Nissan picks Japan, not Britain, to make Ariya electric car for EU 01/12/2020
137. Snagged! Dutch town attracts Scottish tights maker amid Brexit deal doubt 01/12/2020
136. Banks Seen Raising Their German Assets by $462 Billion on Brexit 01/11/2020
135. Brexit ‘directly hitting Welsh ports’ says economy minister  01/11/2020
134. Brexit: ECB demands UK banks move City staff to Europe 01/11/2020
133. EU tells banks to trade derivatives inside bloc after Brexit 01/11/2020
132. Goldman Sachs to move $60bn in assets from UK to Germany 01/11/2020
131. Goldman Sachs to open Paris stocks hub to avoid Brexit disruption 01/11/2020
130. IAG [Brirish Airways] to Modify Iberia Control to Meet Brexit Deadline 01/11/2020
129. Ireland closes EU door to British solicitors 01/11/2020
128. London Stock Exchange’s Turquoise trading platform to start Dutch hub 01/11/2020
127. Suffolk businesses look to form European subsidiaries to mitigate Brexit 01/11/2020
126. Two freight forwarding companies relocate to the Republic of Ireland 01/11/2020
125. UK car industry has spent £735m preparing for Brexit 01/11/2020
124. Up to 2,000 British ski instructors are facing the end of their careers after Brexit 01/11/2020
123. 7500 finance jobs and $1.6 Trillion to leave UK 01/10/2020
122. Brexit fuels brain drain as skilled Britons head to the EU 01/10/2020
121. Brexit has taken chunk out of London commercial insurance, says IUA 01/10/2020
120. Brexit ‘to bring €150 billion to France by year’s end’ 01/10/2020
119. City firms move £1 trillion to Europe in Brexit breakaway 01/10/2020
118. City of London’s Brexit Departures Are Speeding Up 01/10/2020
117. EU Medium Range Weather centre to leave UK with loss of 250 jobs 01/10/2020
116. London’s Days as Europe’s Stock Trading Hub Are Numbered 01/10/2020
115. UK Financial Services Companies Looking to Cyprus as a Post-Brexit Solution 01/10/2020
114. J P Morgan move 200 more staff to Frankfurt 01/09/2020
113. JPMorgan to Move $230 Billion Assets to Germany Under Brexit 01/09/2020
112. Ineos to build new 4×4 in France 01/08/2020
111. German Digital bank N26 quits UK due to Brexit 01/02/2020
110. Kasai in Mertyr Tydfil close with the loss of 180 jobs 01/02/2020
109. Kids fashion company Frugi opens Dutch base 01/02/2020
108. McBrides in Barrow to move production to France and Luxembourg 01/02/2020
107. Revolut move payment operations to Ireland 01/02/2020
106. API Foils, Livingston closes on Brexit Day – blaming Brexit 01/01/2020
105. Total move cash management to Paris 01/01/2020
104. Historic Plymouth company on brink of closure ‘due to Brexit’ 01/10/2019
103. Axminster Carpets which supplies Wetherspoons blames job cuts on Brexit  01/09/2019
102. Aztec Oils opens operation in Lithuania 01/09/2019
101. Japanese Manufacturer Senju Closes U.K. Factory, Citing Brexit Impact 01/09/2019
100. Scottish island chocolate maker blames Brexit for collapse of business 01/09/2019
99. Senju Metal Industries close High Wycombe factory 01/09/2019
98. Brexit pushes almost 100 firms to move to Netherlands 01/08/2019
97. Ford to close Bridgend plant 01/06/2019
96. Clyde & Co law firm has opened an office in Dublin as a result of Brexit 01/05/2019
95. BBC moves commercial operation to The Netherlands 01/04/2019
94. Japanese drugmaker Shionogi moves European HQ from London over Brexit 01/03/2019
93. Scottish Widows Transfers operations to Luxembourg after Brexit Developments 01/03/2019
92. Aviva, Natwest move funds to Ireland, Holland 01/02/2019
91. Discovery Channel gets German license 01/02/2019
90. Honda to close Swindon plant 01/02/2019
89. Raspberry Pi looking to move manufacturing to Ireland or Holland 01/02/2019
88. RBS prepares to move 100 staff from UK to Holland in readiness for Brexit 01/02/2019
87. Shwarz Gerhard move staff to Austria 01/02/2019
86. Axa to move staff to Dublin 01/01/2019
85. Barclays moves $217 billion to Dublin 01/01/2019
84. Brexit drives TransferWise to open Belgian office 01/01/2019
83. Brexit: US insurer Travelers gets licence to set up in Dublin 01/01/2019
82. Deutsche Bank repatriates 400 billion euro to Frankfurt 01/01/2019
81. Discovery moves European HQ to Amsterdam 01/01/2019
80. Dyson to move HQ to Singapore 01/01/2019
79. Merril Lynch to move 100s of jobs to Paris 01/01/2019
78. Pantheon open Dublin office as part of Brexit planning 01/01/2019
77. Philips to close Suffolk factory 01/01/2019
76. Rolls-Royce plans approved to move work from Derby to Germany 01/01/2019
75. Sony to move HQ to Amsterdam 01/01/2019
74. Trading platform Acquis sets up hub in Paris 01/01/2019
73. Wells Fargo to open offices in Frankfurt and Paris  01/01/2019
72. RBS applies for German Banking licence  01/12/2018
71. Societe General opens clearing capability in Paris  01/12/2018
70. Vanguard, Merian Global open offices in Dublin 01/12/2018
69. Bank of America complete move to Dublin 100 staff  01/11/2018
68. Barden Corp close Plymouth factory with loss of 400 jobs – because of Brexit 01/11/2018
67. Brexit to Shift Swissquote Business From London, CEO Says 01/11/2018
66. CME Group move $240 billion/day market to Amsterdam 01/11/2018
65. Schaeffler to close two UK plants 01/11/2018
64. Steris – multi billion dollar US Healthcare firm – moves HQ to Ireland 01/11/2018
63. Tokio Marine Group receives court approval for Luxembourg move  01/11/2018
62. Aviva move UK policy administration to Ireland 01/10/2018
61. Axa XL moves European Operations to Ireland 01/10/2018
60. BUPA plan European hub move to Dublin 01/10/2018
59. Coinbase opens Dublin office 01/10/2018
58. Elcome open office in Alicante 01/10/2018
57. HarbourVest to open in Dublin to lessen Brexit impact 01/10/2018
56. SciSys moves to Dublin to keep space work 01/10/2018
55. Wells Fargo shift EU hub to Paris 01/10/2018
54. Acquis Exchange opens office in Paris 01/09/2018
53. Ashmore sets up Irish base in Dublin 01/09/2018
52. Dechra Pharmaceuticals to open testing centre in EU  01/09/2018
51. First State Asset Managers to move funds to Ireland 01/09/2018
50. Next sets up new Irish company to avoid customs post Brexit 01/09/2018
49. RSA Group opens base in Luxembourg 01/09/2018
48. Baillie Gifford to move operations to Dublin 01/08/2018
47. Bank of America to move 200 jobs to Paris 01/08/2018
46. Clarks to open 10,000 sq m European distribution centre 01/08/2018
45. Credit Suisse picks Luxembourg, Madrid & Frankfurt 01/08/2018
44. EU Naval Force HQ to move out of London 01/08/2018
43. Nomura contacts clients about migrating to Frankfurt 01/08/2018
42. Panasonic to move HQ to Amsterdam 01/08/2018
41. Ship Insurer UK P&I Club makes hub in Rotterdam 01/08/2018
40. Barclays to move 50 jobs to Frankfurt 01/07/2018
39. Chubb European Group and Ace European Life move to France 01/07/2018
38. Credit Suisse moves 50 jobs to Madrid 01/07/2018
37. Deutsche Bank move some jobs to Frankfurt 01/07/2018
36. DTCC move to Ireland 01/07/2018
35. Forex Trader NEX moves to Amsterdam 01/07/2018
34. J P Morgan asks several dozen to relocate 01/07/2018
33. Lloyds Banks to create three hubs in the EU 01/07/2018
32. LSE and CBOE open trading venue in Amsterdam 01/07/2018
31. Luxembourg looks for more office space for Brexit firms 01/07/2018
30. Trading company Jane Street moves to Amsterdam 01/07/2018
29. Heathrow owner Ferrovial to move HQ to Amsterdam 01/06/2018
28. Jaguar Land Rover to move Discover production to Slovakia 01/06/2018
27. Nomura confirms banking license granted in Frankfurt 01/06/2018
26. Sanofi Pharma move QP and QC jobs to EU member state 01/06/2018
25. Bank of America to move hub to Dublin 01/05/2018
24. Barclays to make Dublin its main EU Hub 01/04/2018
23. Admiral establishes in Spain  the base of operations of its new European centre 01/03/2018
22. Euroclear, the financial clearing house moves UK to Brussels due to Brexit. 01/03/2018
21. Goldman Sachs start moving staff to Frankfurt 01/03/2018
20. Morgan Stanley to move 80 jobs to Paris 01/03/2018
19. UBS to move some staff to Frankfurt 01/03/2018
18. CitiGroup to make Frankfurt its post Brexit EU Hub 01/02/2018
17. Societe Generale to move 300 staff to Paris 01/02/2018
16. Standard Life Aberdeen to set up EU business hub in Dublin 01/02/2018
15. Deutsche Bank to move hundreds of jobs to Frankfurt 01/01/2018
14. Moneygram to move to Brussels 01/01/2018
13. European Banking Authority moves to Paris 01/11/2017
12. The European Medicines Agency announces Amsterdam as location of new HQ. 01/11/2017
11. EU youth orchestra to quit UK for Italy over Brexit 01/10/2017
10. HSBC to move up to 1000 jobs to Paris 01/10/2017
9. Covington & Burling to ‘expand into Ireland because of Brexit’ 01/09/2017
8. The insurance company Hiscox has set up a new base in Luxembourg  01/09/2017
7. Liberty Speciality Markest sets up EU headquarters in Luxembourg  01/07/2017
6. AIG to set up new base in Luxembourg to service EU business 01/03/2017
5. Lloyd’s of London will move jobs to new Brussels office 01/03/2017
4. Lush Cosmetics to move operations to Germany 01/03/2017
3. Almac admits new operation in Dundalk is because of Brexit 01/02/2017
2. Brexit: British company Smiffys moves HQ to Europe 01/10/2016
1. MBJ plans to open Berlin office and double headcount by end of 2017 01/10/2016