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The heart of Stoke lies in Lidice

Lidice is a small village in the Czech Republic that exists thanks to help from the people of Stoke.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

The Midlands After Brexit

It’s hard to argue that these trade consequences are still Brexit “teething problems” rather than long-lasting, structural changes.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

EMStaffs Update - May 2021

What have EMStaffs been up to so far this year?

Dave Underwood Read...

The democracy myth

When large proportions of an electorate are disillusioned, and see other people apparently doing very well, our country is moving into dangerous territory.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Where are you on rejoin?

Hope and a vision for a better future are in short supply right now. Why are we not providing that? Do we not understand how powerful that could be?

Cliff Mitchell Read...

The Lost Opportunities List

Since 1 January 2021, the European Union has not stood still. It continues to offer new opportunities, funding and benefits to its citizens and businesses that we, in the UK, are now excluded from.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

The Irish Sea Border ruins the life of a Poultry Breeder

After 40 years Brexit is bringing an end to Desy's prize-winning passion

Elizabeth Baker Read...

Share your Brexit impact story

We are collecting your stories - how is Brexit affecting you, your family, your business, your community?

Cliff Mitchell Read...

#Still European

We are #StillEuropean. Are you?

Cliff Mitchell, European Movement Staffordshire Read...

Statement by Stephen Dorrell to the 2020 AGM of the European Movement UK

At the 2020 (virtual) Annual General Meeting of the European Movement UK, Stephen Dorrell, announced his intention to step down from the role of Chair.

Cliff Mitchell Read...
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