#Still European

Cliff Mitchell, European Movement Staffordshire - 23/12/2020
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We are #StillEuropean. Are you?


We are #StillEuropean. Are you?

Letter from our Chair

Firstly thank you for supporting us throughout this difficult year. We know this has been a hard year for us Pro-Europeans, but your resolve and determination have been impressive and, even though it has not ended in the way we would’ve hoped, this is not the end for us. In fact it is a new beginning as we can now start to reframe the pro-European side of the debate on a more positive note, and it is encouraging to see the European Movement get out on the front foot with the #StillEuropean campaign due to take place on New Years Day.

So please do not feel disheartened by this year as European Movement Staffordshire and Lichfield 4 Europe will continue to campaign for European Union values - but we cannot do it without your involvement as the supporters are the cornerstone of any grassroots campaigning group.

Thank you again for your support and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Dave Underwood - Chair of the European Movement Staffordshire

Join the movement

We are #StillEuropean. Are you?

Join Us imageLet’s make 2021 the year we turn the tide. If you are #StillEuropean and proud of it, join the movement today.

As 2021 begins, we want people to know that the European Movement UK is the natural home for people who want to rebuild the UK’s relationship with Europe. We are a welcoming community that offers people mutual support and ways to get involved to fight this where they are.

Have you got a friend, family member, or colleague who is furious with this Brexit disaster? Do they want to turn that anger into something empowering in 2021? We want you to speak to those you know about joining the European Movement UK.

We are building a movement to rebuild our relationship with Europe. And it starts here. We still believe in the incredible potential of a UK in Europe. Internationalism, peace, cooperation. These are our European values. If you share them, join us today.

I'll join


Tell us what being European means to youI'm European because...

We want people to be proud of being European and to talk openly about what being European means to them. We are building a welcoming, supportive community of pro-
European in the UK to rebuild our relationship with Europe. Talking openly about why being European matters to us is a good way to start.

We are using an online page and form, I’m European, to collect people’s contributions. We will also be promoting some of our favourites on social media over the New Year period. If you agree, we would love to feature some of your thoughts on our social media channels as part of the #StillEuropean campaign.

Did you know that the EU brings nations together to fight the climate emergency through its Green Deal? Tell us why you are #StillEuropean at the link below --> http://imeuropean.uk

What has Europe ever done for us? Quite a bit, actually. Tell us why you are proud to be European at http://imeuropean.uk

We are #StillEuropean and we are telling the world. Tell the world what being European means to you --> http://imeuropean.uk

Tell us why

Your New Year's European Resolutions

Finally, we are asking you to submit your “New Year’s Resolutions” for the European Movement.

New Years' ResolutionIn short, we are asking you to tell us one thing you resolve to do to support the movement and begin to rebuild a closer relationship with Europe.

This could be anything, big or small, from community action to writing to your MP and from supporting your neighbours to protecting local jobs at risk from Brexit fallout.
Here are some examples we’re providing to help get you started.

  • In 2021, I resolve to help my local group find out more about the impact of Brexit on jobs in my local area.
  • In 2021, I resolve to encourage my friends and family to join the European Movement and to come campaigning with me.
  • In 2021, I resolve to write to my MP and to ask them what they’re doing to address the damage that Brexit is doing locally.
  • In 2021, I resolve to support local businesses that are hard hit by the impacts of Brexit.

With your permission, we would share some of these on social media – showing all our followers how amazing and committed our activists are, and why they should join us and get
stuck in.

To submit yours, just follow this link and complete the Google form: www.stilleuropean.uk/resolutions

New Year's Resolution

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