Cliff Mitchell - 12/02/2021

Share your Brexit impact story

How is Brexit impacting you?

How is Brexit affecting you, your family, your business? We are collecting your stories.

We would love to know how Brexit is affecting you, your family, your job, your community, your business.

We are only just beginning to understand the true impact of Brexit on Staffordshire. It might be good or bad, large or small, but if Brexit is beginning to impact you please let us know.

We are collecting stories of the personal affects of leaving the EU on the people of Staffordshire - not the dramatic impacts on trade or the economy, we are already documenting some of these in our Davis Downside Dossier and Digby Jones index, but on individuals, families, small businesses and communities. The aim is to develop a broad picture of the real life consequences of Brexit.

You can email us, or use our contact form to share your story. Please include any relevant links and an email address or phone number so we can contact you if we need more information. We will NOT identify you in any story we use without your explicit consent.


Cliff Mitchell. EMStaffs Steering Group
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