Dave Underwood - 18/05/2021

EMStaffs Update - May 2021

EM Staffordshire

A letter from our Chair...

Dear Supporters and Members.

As we are now half way through the year I thought it would be a good time to update you on what European Movement Staffordshire has done.

I think it is always important to start by saying a huge thank you to you all and the support you have given, whether this be donations, actively campaigning with us, or just simply sharing our social media posts. All of it is very important and plays a part in the bigger picture. As always, there are opportunities for you to get more involved, should you wish. Most things have been done digitally during the pandemic but I know a lot of you will be itching to do some in-person campaigning as soon as we’re allowed. I imagine in the future we will have a far more blended approach to campaigning, using all the tools at our disposal.

Activities this year

As a group we have been involved in many different activities, including:

All this in under six months is fantastic and with other local EM groups working hard I am sure that Brick by Brick we will find our place back in the EU.

European Movement UK

As the political landscape has changed, so must the European Movement and under the newly elected chair Andrew Adonis it is doing so, but in order to make this successful it needs dedicated members. If you wish to join the European Movement please do so by clicking here: http://www.europeanmovement.co.uk/still_european_2021/

The bigger our membership the more politicians will have to listen to us as we hold them to account over our departure from the European Union.
Thank you again for all your support and don’t forget we need your dedication and enthusiasm to continue all this good work.

Dave Underwood - Chair European Movement Staffordshire


Dave Underwood, Chair, European Movement Staffordshire
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