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The Lost Opportunities List

Since 1 January 2021 the European Union has not stood still. It continues to offer new opportunities and benefits to its citizens and businesses that we in the UK are no longer entitled to.

So far the UK has missed out on 15 opportunities to make our lives better

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The Davis Downside Dossier

In October 2016, David Davis, the then Brexit secretary, told the House of Commons that “there will be no downside to Brexit at all, and considerable upsides”.

So far, we have identified
108 downsides
but only
10 upsides!

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Latest News

Brexit: Government relaxes more trade rules between GB and NI

The UK is taking the step to ease movement of plants without the agreement of the EU.

05/03/2021 - www.bbc.co.uk


Andrew Pozzi laments Brexit rules that threaten Olympic hurdling hopes

  • Briton may be forced to quit training base in Italy
  • Pozzi focusing on European Indoor title in Poland

Britain’s world champion hurdler Andrew Pozzi fears his Olympic dream is under threat because of Brexit regulations that could force him to quit his training base in Italy.

Pozzi’s career has been revitalised since he moved to Formia in 2018 to train under the Cuban hurdling guru Santiago Antunez and he is the favourite to add the European Indoor 60m hurdle title to his world indoor crown this weekend in Poland.

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05/03/2021 - www.theguardian.com


Joining the caring profession in the midst of a pandemic has been a challenging experience

Sally Dobie writes on the challenge of moving into the care sector in the middle of a pandemic. "But the people I’ve met in this field of work have shown me how much difference ‘caring’ makes, and I’m proud to work alongside them".

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Joining the caring profession in the midst of a pandemic has been a challenging experience

05/03/2021 - yorkshirebylines.co.uk


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The Digby Jones Index

Lord Digby Jones told Andrew Neil before the referendum that there would not be a single job lost because of Brexit.

So far, we have identified
220 companies
that have reduced staff numbers because of Brexit!

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Cost of Brexit So Far

Total cost to the UK since the Brexit referendum

According to the Bank of England voting to leave the European Union has cost Britain more than £440 million a week in lost growth since the referendum.

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